Video List

European Debt Crisis - Clarke & Dawe try to understand the absurdity of the cash flow crisis in Europe.


US Debt Limit - America's approach to solving its debt issues, explained in a way we all understand (a twist right at the end).


US National Debt - Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, explains the US National Debt in a very clear, logical and visual manner. It helps you grasp the magnitude of their future liabilities. Although long (approx. 20mins) it is a very insightful look in to the enormity of the battle they face in the coming years.


Quantitive Easing Explained - Possibly the most popular of all Clarke & Dawe skits, quantitive easing is explained in layman's terms.


Million Dollar Traders - A reality show for the stock market, a London based hedge fund manager gives $1,000,000 to eight novice investors.

The investors were selected from completely different backgrounds (i.e. a solider, single mum, economics student, deli owner, environmentalist) and are taught how to invest and the rules to follow. 

A fascinating look at life as a hedge fund manager, over the course of several months, you see the ups and downs of share trading, and most importantly, a look in to the psychological hurdles to successful investing. 

The series is set during the GFC. Well worth the time.


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