Broking Service

Looking for a Full Service Adviser?

Matthew Roberts is our resident Equities Adviser and provides a broking service through Cygnet Capital.

Anyone can take advantage of this service - not just Absolute Investor subscribers.

Matthew is able to offer 2 distinct types of advisory services.


Personal Equities Adviser - You get specific advice (if you want it) on what shares to buy & sell. Trade as much or as little as you like. You pay only for the trades you make.


V.I.P. Managed Account - The ultimate solution for Sophisticated Investors or those wanting a complete wealth management solution. Matthew receives an "outperformance fee" on your account, so his goals are perfectly aligned with your portfolio's success.

Both services include a complimentary "clean up". 

  1. Post, scan or fax us your old paperwork and statements
  2. We follow the paper trail and sort out your share holdings
  3. You get a consolidated portfolio in one place

If your top-drawer is full of old paper work and statements, we know what they all mean. Don't waste your time calling share registries or figuring out which forms you need and who to send them to. Ensure you don't lose track of old shares or money you are entitled to. Simply send us your paperwork.

Personal Equities Adviser

Buy shares instantly on the phone with no stress or complications.

When placing an order, get advice on what price you should pay, because Matthew Roberts has the market depth in front of him while you speak.

There's no possibility of making a costly mistake, or hitting a wrong button. If you want specific advice on which shares to buy, let Matthew know the type of shares you are interested in, and he will call you when the  opportunity arises.

An application form is easy to complete, and can be opened in the name of a person, company, or trust through Cygnet Capital.


  •  You pay only for the trades you make
  •  24/7 access to your portfolio online
  •  Participate in Initial Public offerings (IPO’s)


The amount of brokerage charged is based on a percentage of the transactions value. This percentage depends on the size of your transactions and the frequency you trade. The more you trade, the less you pay.

V.I.P. Managed Account

A "hands off" approach for those who want more free time and less stress.

How does it work?

Matthew Roberts becomes your "Private Adviser" and makes all the hard decisions for you.

A share trading account is opened in your name with Cygnet Capital and you are given 24/7 internet access to your portfolio. After a thorough consultation regarding your financial goals and objectives, an investment strategy is drawn up.

Matthew then uses your objectives as a base for his investment decisions, and is given discretionary authority to act on your account when he sees an opportunity arise.

If prefer being intimately involved in the process, Matthew is always just a phone call away and can answer any stock market question you may have. Should you have a specific share you want to buy, he's more than happy to place any trade you like, at your price, just say the word.

Flexibility and transparency is important, and therefore everything is in your name, you receive contract notes the second a trade is placed, holding statements and company documents continue to go to the address you provide.


  •  Time-sensitive trading opportunities can be acted on immediately
  •  Less paperwork at tax time (a full report is provided each quarter)
  •  100% Transparent (everything's in your name)
  •  Priority access to Initial Public Offerings (IPO's) & Capital Raising opportunities


Matthew receives an outperformance fee incorporating a "high water mark", so his goals are perfectly aligned with your portfolio's success.

In simple terms, this means your portfolio must beat the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index for a fee to be applicable. Should your portfolio fall in value, it must return to it's previous value (or high water mark) before the outperformance fee can be applied.

Obligation Free Chat

All questions are welcome.

Matthew Roberts can be contacted via Cygnet Capital.

Phone: 1300 944 188  

Direct: +61 3 9669 1956

Or use the online contact form - HERE.

He isn't pushy - and you definitely won't get any "sales talk".





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